I always had a dream of buying my first home at a young age. One day I went to a mortgage company seeking information on how can I qualify for a home loan. They gave a list of everything I needed, 2 days later I came back and was prequalified. I was so happy and full of joy I went back to my broker and we started looking for my future house. After months of searching I finally came across one and decided to make an offer unfortunately someone had more money than I did so they made a higher offer. This discouraged me and I also lost motivation to keep searching. 

This experience has taught me a lot. I didn’t know I could have had down payment assistance or I could have had a loan where I can add my personal touches instead of buying a move in ready property. These are few things my lender and broker didn’t advise me on maybe I would have kept searching if I knew these things. Thanks to that I am the person I am now, a real estate broker with Realty of Chicago. I once had a dream of buying my first home, now I don’t want to say I have another dream but a bigger goal and that’s to educate people on the benefits of purchasing a home. My family and I rented for 22 years don’t wait as long we did, I can help you make your dream a reality.