Lorena Mejia Vera



Driven and focused, Lorena makes sure to take your Real Estate deal all the way to the closing table. Her journey has been very exciting and rewarding; she carries on that enthusiasm through every step of the transaction. Whether you are looking for that perfect home or your next investment property Lorena is determined to help you achieve your Real Estate dreams.

Additional to helping you accomplish your home purchase Lorena has set her goals on listing and selling your property with the intention of getting the best deal for your property.

Lorena’s successes are direct result of her ability to combine her knowledge, dedication and motivation with an uncanny ability to match the client to a property. A native Ecuadorian who has lived in the Chicago area, Lorena is a very talented professional and a dedicated mom. When she is not taking care your family’s needs she is devoted to her kid and husband. According to Lorena, the ultimate key to her success is her ability to listen closely and understand intuitively the true needs and goals of her clients.